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Deborah Brams

Debby Brams is an accomplished and recognized polymer clay artist living in Cohasset who creates jewelry and whimsical pieces.  Polymer clay is a PVC- based, highly colored, non mineral clay that is baked at a low temperature to set and harden the clay. Using techniques adapted from glass makers and metalsmiths, an infinite number of patterns and color combinations can be achieved.  Additional color can be added with transparent and metalic inks, powders and paints. "I combine many techniques learned over 20 years to make unique pieces of jewelry that cannot be mass produced."


"While at college I became interested in silversmithing, taking classes in creating silver jewelry which ignited a creative spark. For the next ten years, I created and sold my work as a second career while I pursued my main career as a Braille teacher for the visually impaired. When I first saw the enormous variety of color and texture that was possible in polymer clay, I was hooked. I've been using it, along with other materials, to create the pieces you see here. 

'I find the endless possibilities for simulating natural materials such as stone, metal, wood and anything you can imagine, truly inspiring."


"I was fortunate to attend the National Polymer Clay Guild retreats in Virginia for many years. While there, I was able to collaborate with and learn from many great polymer clay artists from around the country.  Museums, travel, different cultures, and life right here on the South Shore, are also important sources of inspiration."


My work has appeared in two books: 'Creative Traditions' by Judy Belcher and 'The Complete Book of Polymer Clay'  by Lisa Pavelka.   

My work can be seen at 'Gallery Nantasket' (121 Nantasket Ave. Hull, Ma). and Artisans in the Square,  Hingham, MA. Also, during the  annual Cohasset and Hull Artists Open Studios, and by appointment at my home studio in Cohasset

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